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DIVE I would love to be your guide on this very exciting journey. SOUL FREQUENCY HEALING PACKAGES ENLIGHTEN 2 MONTH SOUL FREQUENCY ALIGNMENT Do you have lingering traumas and wounds that you want to heal? Are you ready to release any limiting beliefs holding you back?...

Healing Services

Starseeds are souls whose soul originated in another solar system and is in a human body on Earth in this lifetime. Many Starseeds are awakening on the planet currently and they carry light and wisdom and have extraordinary intuition.

In this Starseed Origins Reading, we ask your Higher Self to disclose which star systems your soul has had incarnations in. Yes, there could be more than one. The info we receive will be limited to the known star systems in nearby galaxies. There are universes in the multiverse that we haven’t heard of yet, so those will be difficult to name.

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