Say yes to your soul mission and step into your new world!

I had my first Crystalline Healing Light session with Cheri a few days ago and requested to work on clearing, sealing and healing. My experience was difficult to put into words right after coming out of the meditation. I didn’t think I needed to tell Cheri, because I thought she already knew, and she was spot on, on so many things!!! Cheri is incredibly gifted, and the way she crafts different modalities together is masterful! She used her psychic abilities with such laser-like precision while translating it into the exact phrasing I needed to hear! My experience was deeply moving and transformative, and she brought in so many practical tools which I can actually use, to answer a lot of questions on how to proceed forward on several things! I had my healing session on a Wednesday and followed it up the next day with a complimentary meditation that she co-hosted on the full moon. The results were astonishing!!! Several of my relationships that have been stuck in these old patterns shifted drastically and immediately! I was honestly shocked and amazed at what was happening, and so were the people around me! We looked at each other and kept asking: “What is happening?!?” 😊 Three days after such a powerful clearing and healing, I feel this acceptance of exactly where I’m at, because I can look back and see why all the things that have happened occurred, as this was the path I needed to take in order to learn what I needed to in order to proceed. Releasing all these resentments and pain, no matter how big or small, has cleared out all this space, and has allowed me to shift emotionally into this higher frequency where I can now accept love from the whole universe, and am beginning to see all the gifts that have been encoded into my DNA and my divine blueprint. It’s kind of funny because I knew this somewhere in the back of my mind, but it appears I wasn’t ready to accept and open it until I cleared and healed. I’ve done all the internal work and processing for several years, but it’s as if I was not ready to make the shift into this new awareness and higher vibration until Cheri guided me through this clearing, healing and sealing, moving me into this new alignment. My experience is: “Say YES to your soul mission, clear out the old stuff, and step into your New World!” I would highly recommend doing a session with Cheri. Accepting help is a sign of strength and courage. 😊 Thank you, Cheri, I am so deeply grateful for your assistance, and the incredible gifts you share with our community.
In Light, Denisa M.