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Quantum Psionics Healing

How can it help?

Our energetic body can have a great affect on our physical body & mental body. Keeping your energy field clear and at a high-frequency is an import part of staying healthy, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Together, we will call in more Divine Source Light into your auric field and your overall being. Whether we work on relationships, energetic health or past life traumas, you will leave feeling lighter, more peaceful and in harmony with your Higher Self.

What is it?

I will be working with your Divine I AM Presence, the Akashic Field and Universal Consciousness for direct guidance and deep healing. We can raise your frequency, call in more love, joy, abundance, self-worth, and to heal emotional traumas, heal past life wounds, remove negative energies, energetic chips/implants, and entanglements.

By using dowsing and Quantum Psionics combined with the power of the Heart, hundreds of vibrational frequencies can be selected—through the Higher Self (Super Conscious Mind or Divine I AM Presence) of the practitioner and the Higher Self of the client.


What’s included?

  • Live 2-hour reading over Zoom
  • Frequency Readings & Healing Notes
  • Video recording of the session


What others are saying…

“Positive Experience and Results!”
“I feel better and freer in my soul and being this morning.”

I’ve experienced Cheri Arellano‘s healing early hour this morning and have successfully felt better and freer in my soul and being. Here is my report on what occurred. As I drifted back to the early plain at the early hours of the morning not a sound be heard yet there was four beings around me, I started to feel ever so gentle of pulling from every cellier DNA a strange feeling yet a good one, a taking away of ancient stuff that was not of this time. The golden sword entered throughout my body the power the protection and the healing. A little smile, the beautiful feeling of pure love that runs through every cell, the ahh moment as I feel the lifting of the density of the old. I then see a cross not Christ cross yet one that bears my name. The door way has opened and stepped through the beauty of the peace that is within, as I step out at the early morning sun rise still no noise yet nine fairy wrens fluttering about what a beautiful little bird so connected with all spirit and Gaia, life is so much just is. ❤️

Penny G.

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How to prepare for your session

Prior to the start of the meeting, it would be ideal if you have a glass of water near you, a blanket, a pair of comfortable headphones or earbuds with a built in microphone that will connect to your computer, iPad or mobile phone. Please download the latest Zoom app on your mobile device or laptop in advance, so that we may connect without any delays.

Prepare a comfortable place to sit or lie down with your eyes closed, where you will not be disturbed for at least 90 minutes. We will chat at the beginning of the session where you will have a chance to share with me anything that you would like for us to focus on for your session.

After the session, please allow time for a peaceful transition. For example, you could take an epsom salt bath, sit in the sun, go for a walk in nature, or take a nap. Please try to avoid working, electronic screens, TV, conversations that may not be peaceful, or anything negative that will take you out of alignment. You will need time to integrate the new healing energies and Divine Light Codes.

Bookings, Changes and Cancellations

Requested appointment dates and times are not guaranteed until you’ve received a confirmation from me. Please try to reach me at least one day in advance if you have any questions before we meet.

If for some reason you need to change or postpone your booking, 48 hours notice is required for scheduling changes, and to avoid fees.*

*Exceptions may be made for emergencies.

Healing Services Terms & Conditions
  1. All sessions are designed to create the highest and best possible outcome for all involved parties, with harm to none.
  2. Healing sessions only work if your spirit is open and receptive. Taking a sceptical approach is not conducive to healing and would be a waste of our time, and your money.
  3. While healing most always happens in my sessions, there is no guarantee of outcome in any situation or circumstances and I cannot guarantee any effects on your life or others with whom you are involved.
  4. All sessions usually last 1-2 hours, and cannot not be predetermined. Sessions end when our Higher Selves tell us the work is complete.
  5. Payments are asked to be paid up front during most bookings, however if you feel better paying at the time of service this can be arranged as well.
  6. Refunds will be gladly given so long as appointments are cancelled before 48 hours of the appointment time. Refunds will not be given within 48 hours of the booked appointment.
  7. Please request schedule changes 48 hours before the booked appointment. Any cancellations done within a 48 hour period may be rescheduled at a later date, but are not refundable.
  8. Clients may book healing sessions online, via email, in person, or on the telephone. Sessions may be done over Zoom video conferencing, telephone, in person, or remotely with the client not present at all.
  9. All Zoom Sessions will be recorded for you to play back at your leisure.

Kind Words Lead to a Kinder World

Wonderful Healing Session

I had a wonderful healing session with Cheri. Cheri is a good listener and wrote a recap after our session. She took me through a meditation journey and helped me to connect with my higher self & spiritual team.

Sheryl E.

10/10 Would Recommend!

Keeara C.

Amazing session, will be back for more!

Keohn A.

“Say YES to your soul mission, clear out the old stuff, and step into your New World!”

I had my first Crystalline Healing Light session with Cheri a few days ago, and requested to work on clearing, sealing and healing. My experience was difficult to put into words right after coming out of the meditation. I didn’t think I needed to tell Cheri, because I thought she already knew, and she was spot on, on so many things!!! Cheri is incredibly gifted, and the way she crafts different modalities together is masterful! She used her psychic abilities with such laser like precision, while translating it into the exact phrasing I needed to hear! My experience was deeply moving and transformative, and she brought in so many practical tools which I can actually use, to answer a lot of questions in how to proceed forward on several things! I had my healing session on a Wednesday, and followed it up the next day with a complimentary meditation that she co-hosted on the full moon. The results were astonishing!!! Several of my relationships that have been stuck in these old patterns shifted drastically and immediately! I was honestly shocked and amazed at what was happening, and so were the people around me! We looked at each other and kept asking: “What is happening?!?” 😊 Three days after such a powerful clearing and healing, I feel this acceptance of exactly where I’m at, because I can look back and see why all the things that have happened occurred, as this was the path I needed to take in order to learn what I needed to in order to proceed. Releasing all these resentments and pain, no matter how big or small, has cleared out all this space, and has allowed me to shift emotionally into this higher frequency where I can now accept love from the whole universe; and am beginning to see all the gifts that have been encoded into my DNA and my divine blue print. It’s kind of funny, because I knew this somewhere in the back of my mind, but it appears I wasn’t ready accept and open it until I cleared and healed. I’ve done all the internal work and processing for several years, but it’s as if I was not ready to make the shift into this new awareness and higher vibration until Cheri guided me through this clearing, healing and sealing, moving me into this new alignment. My experience is: “Say YES to your soul mission, clear out the old stuff, and step into your New World!” I would highly recommend doing a session with Cheri. Accepting help is a sign of strength and courage. 😊 Thank you Cheri, I am so deeply grateful for your assistance, and the incredible gifts you share with our community.

~In Light, Denisa M.

Other Services to Consider

Crystalline Healing Light

Crystalline Healing Light Session

Let's raise your frequency, heal emotional traumas, heal past life wounds, remove negative energies, entanglements and call in more Divine Source Light into your auric field. Whether we work on energetic or emotional health, you will leave feeling lighter and in harmony with yourself. 2 hrs.


Starseed Origins Reading

Have peace of mind getting closer to the answers on the puzzle that makes you, "you". Have you always wondered what star system your soul originates from? Do you feel like you're not from Earth? Do you have a hard time fitting-in, or just feel different?
60-90 mins.


Crystalline Healing Light

3 Session Healing Package

This package empowers you to heal in multiple ways, we focus on your energetic body, and your living space. You may choose any combination of session types from The Crystalline Healing Light® (CHL), Quantum Psionics Energy Healing or a Space Clearing. 6 hrs.



Frequency Reading & Tune-Up

We'll check your energetic frequencies to see where you're at on certain emotions or issues. By using dowsing and Quantum Psionics combined with the power of the Heart, hundreds of vibrational frequencies can be selected and healed. 1 hr.


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