Emotional Support: 10 Essential Oil Elixirs Kit

Bring Emotions Into Balance
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Brand: Divine Light Essentials
Age Group: All
Gender: Unisex
Color: White, bamboo, purple
Chakra Support: All
Emotional Support: All

Emotional Support: 10 Essential Oil Elixirs Kit

The Emotional Support line of elixirs was all divinely guided; my guides and God/Source energy gave me each of the recipes for your highest and best healing. Each bottle has crystals in the bottles and in the rollerball too! This is what makes them elixirs as the oils take on the healing properties of the crystals, and are aligned for the highest and best emotional healing.

These elixirs support you on an emotional level. Need more calm, focus, joy, love, protection, or peace? You never know which emotion you may want to heal or work with on a particular day. Get the whole kit so you can work with them as they come up to be healed. Savings of $70 when you buy the kit!

Emotional Support Elixirs 10-Kit includes:

  1. 10, 10 ml roller bottles that focus on supporting you emotionally and physically:
    1. I am Calm (anxiety)
    2. I am Confident (self-esteem boost)
    3. I am Focused (distractions)
    4. I am Joyful (sadness)
    5. I am Loved (self-worth)
    6. I am Peaceful (stress)
    7. I am Protected (negative energies)
    8. I am Relieved (head pain/muscle tension)
    9. I am Rested (sleep)
    10. I am Uplifted (grief, deep sadness)
  2. All oils are doTERRA brand oils with a coconut carrier oil
  3. Add a soft bohemian or blue native soft case for $10
  4. Add a hard-sided travel case for $15
  5. Each bottle has crystals or gemstones inside, and the rollerball is the same crystal or gemstone inside the bottle.
  6. Add the 10-hole wooden display stand for $20 (handmade)
  7. Free shipping in the 48 United States!
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