Emotional Support Elixir Refills

Save your pretty roller bottles, get refills!
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Brand: Divine Light Essentials
Age Group: Adult & Kids
Gender: Unisex
Color: White, purple

Emotional Support Elixir Refills

Now you can order a refill for your oils for half the price of a full bottle, and keep and reuse your beautiful roller bottles.

Please choose from the list of 10 of our emotional elixirs to order your refills.

You will receive a refill vial with just the lovely pure essential oil elixir blends (no crystals). You will also receive a refill instruction card and a rollerball remover. The full size shown in the photo is not included.

Remember, we only use doTERRA oils and pure coconut oil for all of our blends.

Do you want to be able to subscribe to your favorite blends? Let us know by sending us a message!

Includes one 8ml bottle, the refill instructions card, and the rollerball remover.

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