I am Blessed Body or Room Blessing Spray

Blue Lotus & Rose Essential Oils
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Product Details
Brand: Divine Light Essentials
Age Group: All Ages
Gender: Unisex
Color: Blue, Indigo
Chakra Support: All Chakras

I am Blessed Body or Room Blessing Spray

What happens when you combine glorious blue lotus oil and rose essential oil? You get blessed and BLISSED OUT! This blend smells divine and may be used as a room spray or a personal blessing spray. When you smell this, you will feel elated, and joyful and think you might have transitioned and gone to heaven. You will love it and likely order more!

There is now rose quartz in the bottle too! Infused with additional love, self-love, compassion, and nurturing healing energies.

Comes in 3 sizes: Small (.8 oz), Medium (2 oz.), and Large (4 oz).

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