I am Grounded Essential Oil Elixir - Root Chakra

Grounding, Security, Stability
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Brand: Divine Light Essentials
: Divine Light Essentials
Gender: All
Color: Red
Chakra Support: Root Chakra
Emotional Support: Safety, security, survival, security, worthiness, stability, boundaries
Spiritual Support: Grounding
Crystal Pairing: red jasper

I Am Grounded Essential Oil Elixir

Balances the Root Chakra

Purpose Supports survival, security, worthiness, stability, boundaries. Chakra Healing.
In balance Grounded to Mother Earth, safe, protected, financial health, connected
Out of balance Abuse, neglect, extreme stress, financial stress, lack of personal boundaries
Location Base of spine
Color Red
Physical body Low back, hips, legs, knees, feet, rectum, kidney, bladder*

What's in the bottle?

This grounding roller bottle of pure grade essential oils includes frankincense, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli. It also contains red jasper gemstones both in the bottle and in the rollerball itself! The healing properties of both the oils and the crystals are aligned to maximize your healing potential!

Red Jasper Crystals: It grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations. Red Jasper brings problems to light before they become too big and provides insights into the most difficult situations. It makes an excellent “worry bead,” calming the emotions when played with.

Frankincense: The Oil of Truth
Frankincense reveals deceptions and false truths. It invites you to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deceptions, and negativity. It removes unprotected emotions; encourages protective, loving and enlightened energies. It is a powerful cleanser of spiritual darkness. When one feels abandoned or forgotten, it reminds them that they are loved and protected.

Sandalwood: The Oil of Sacred Devotion
This oil assists with all kinds of prayer, meditation, and spiritual worship. Sandalwood assists in quieting the mind so that individuals may hear the subtle voice of Spirit. It raises them into higher levels of consciousness. Sandalwood teaches true humility devotion and love for the divine.

Patchouli: The Oil of Physicality
It supports you in becoming fully present in your physical body. This oil calms fear and nervous tension, stilling the heart and mind in preparing the spirit and body for deep reunion.This oils helps with body image distortions and general body dislike. Patchouli brings confidence in the body, as well as grace, poise, and physical strength.

Vetiver: The Oil of Centering & Descent
Vetiver oil assists in becoming more rooted in life. Life can scatter ones energy and make individuals feel split between different priorities people and activities vetiver brings the individual back down to earth. It assists you in grounding to the physical world. Vetiver is incredibly supportive in all kinds of self awareness work and it uncovers the route of an emotional issue. Vetiver challenges the need to escape pain and it centers individuals in their true Self and guides them downward to the root of their emotional issues. It helps them find relief but not through the avoidance. Relief comes after they have traveled within and met the core of their emotional issue. Vetiver will not let you quit, but ground you in the present moment and carry you through an emotional catharsis. Vetiver opens the doors to light and recovery through this downward journey.

All blends are made with doTerra® essential oils, and pure coconut oil as the carrier oil.

How to Buy

  • Full size: 10 ml roller bottle
  • Full size plus refill: 10 ml roller bottle with a 10 ml refill; save $2 when ordering together
  • Refill only: Save your pretty 10 ml bottles with crystals inside, and refill them for only $10. Purchase refills here


Apply to your lower stomach or lower back, inner thighs, or wear as your personal fragrance on your pulse points. Use topically as often as needed.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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