I am Powerful Essential Oil Elixir - Solar Plexus Chakra

Divine Will, Self-Esteem, Clear Boundaries
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Brand: Divine Light Essentials
Age Group: All ages
Gender: Unisex
Color: Yellow

I Am Powerful Essential Oil Elixir

Balances the Solar Plexus Chakra

Purpose Creating boundaries, willpower, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Chakra balancing.
In balance You are responsible for your actions, you have integrity and honesty, have healthy self-esteem, and are your own authority figure. Your digestive system works optimally. You feel confident and you listen to your gut feelings. You are easily able to manifest creative ideas and your will into the physical world.
Out of balance You have lived in an environment or been in a relationship that left you feeling powerless, contributing to issues of low self-esteem or egotism. Poor boundaries can drain your energetic resources and your self-worth. You lean towards a victim mentality, often feeling powerless and unwilling to take responsibility. You may have creative ideas, but it is difficult for you to manifest them in the 3-D world.
Location Just above the belly
Color Yellow
Physical Supports digestive system and skin*

What's in the bottle?

This roller bottle of pure-grade essential oils contains Arborvitae, basil, fennel, ginger, and sandalwood. It also contains yellow jade or citrine crystals both in the bottle and in the rollerball.

Yellow Jade: Yellow Jade is energetic, but with a mellowness to it bringing joy and happiness. It teaches the interconnectedness of all beings.

Arborvitae: The Oil of Divine Grace
Arborvitae assists individuals who believe or act like all progress must be made through struggle and solitary effort. Instead of trusting in the divine, these individuals unconsciously blocked divine aid, choosing instead to live by their own efforts. Arborvitae addresses the need to control one's outcome in life. It invites individuals to live with peace and joy by trusting in the abundant flow of divine grace.

Basil: The Oil of Renewal
This oil is excellent for states of nervousness anxiousness and despair. It brings on the rejuvenation of vital forces after long periods of burnout and exhaustion. Basil may strengthen the adrenals and restore the body to its natural rhythms of sleep activity and rest. Basil oil is also helpful for recovery from negative habits, it gives hope and optimism to the tired soul.

Fennel: The Oil of Responsibility
Fennel supports the individual who has a weekend sense of self. The individual may feel defeated by light responsibilities having little or no desire to improve their situation. Fennel reignites a passion for life; it encourages the soul to take full ownership and responsibility for its choices. Fennel encourages individuals to live in integrity with themselves despite the judgment of others when they haven't. When they have been paralyzed by fear and shame this oil gets them moving again. This is especially important in situations where there has been a loss of connection to the body's natural signals due to emotional eating, severe eating issues, or addictive behaviors.

Ginger: The Oil of Empowerment
Ginger is a powerful oil and it really helps you connect to your divine purpose. Ginger personally persuades individuals to be present and participate in life. It addresses deep patterns of victim mentality which are evidenced by feelings of powerlessness, believing everything is outside one's control, refusing to take responsibility for life, or blaming life circumstances on other people or outside influences. Victims feel stuck as they decentralize or disown responsibility and blame others for their misfortunes. Ginger empowers individuals to take complete responsibility for their life circumstances. It infuses a warrior-like mentality based on integrity, personal responsibility, and individual choice.

Sandalwood: The Oil of Sacred Devotion
This oil assists with all kinds of prayer, meditation, and spiritual worship. This oil has been used since ancient times for its powerful ability to calm the mind, still the heart, and prepare the spirit to commune with God. Sandalwood teaches spiritual devotion and spiritual sacrifice. This oil asks you to assess where your heart is and it challenges you to reorder your priorities to be in alignment with the divine will. It can assist one in reaching beyond their current confines and belief systems. Sandalwood assists in quieting the mind so that individuals may hear the subtle voice of Spirit. It raises them to higher levels of consciousness. Sandalwood teaches true humility, devotion, and love for the divine.

How to Buy

  • Full size: 10 ml roller bottle
  • Full size plus refill: 10 ml roller bottle with a 10 ml refill; save when ordering together
  • Refill only: Save your pretty 10 ml bottles with crystals inside, and refill them for only $10. Purchase refills here

Application: Apply to your abdomen, or wear as your personal fragrance on your pulse points. Use topically as needed.

All blends are made with CPTG® #doTerra® essential oils and pure coconut oil as the carrier oil.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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