An Unwelcomed Guest

And the “gift” I received at The Holly House in Mt. Shasta, California

Whenever I go to Mount Shasta, I know to stay open to the unexpected, the synchronicities, and the unexplainable. This trip did not disappoint. After a four hour drive up from the Bay Area, I arrived on a Wednesday and checked into the well known Holly House. I was staying with three other women, and I was the first to arrive. After the long drive, I unloaded my bags and took a nap in my bedroom, an upstairs attic. The two downstairs housemates, Carol and Lynne, arrived in the evening, and my upstairs mate and friend Pixie, arrived late that night. We were all there for the Hierarchy of Light Conference, I had a booth there, as did Lynne. 

I slept really well the first two nights and had no issues other than the early morning sun streaming in from this beautiful skylight over my bed. On the third night, Friday, I went out to Lake Siskiyou with my friend Pixie, and after returning home we cooked dinner, ate and I headed upstairs, while Pixie remained downstairs. When I entered my room, I immediately noticed that my bed covers were twisted into a ball, and all of the four pillows that came with the bed were underneath the covers. The king size pillow that I brought from home remained in place at the top of the bed near the headboard. For some unknown reason, I lifted it up to look underneath it, and was shocked at what I found. At first, I could not discern the item under my silk pillowcase. As I picked it up for a closer inspection, the feeling of utter disbelief took over my body as I discovered that I was holding a dried-up, old condom. It had a bit of a dark, dirty stain at the tip, and was so dry and brittle that it almost felt like plastic more than rubber. I could not believe my eyes and felt immediately grossed out!

I stood there frozen, running through a million different possibilities of how this thing arrived beneath my pillow, and how the covers got twisted into a ball. I remembered that I didn’t make my bed that morning, but I also remembered that it did not look that crazy!  I felt so creeped out that I ran downstairs to show Pixie, as if to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. She couldn’t believe her eyes, either. She also remembered noting that my bed was not made when we left for the conference that day, but also observed that the covers were not twisted up into a ball. Carol and Lynne had already gone to bed, and I didn’t want to alarm them.

I wondered: How could the cleaners miss this? How could I miss this after already sleeping on the bed two nights? I couldn’t, and they didn’t! ‘Black magic!’, I thought. It must have been black magic, right?! I quickly researched everything I could find on condoms and black magic, but this provided no answers, so I immediately thought, let’s do a clearing! I didn’t have my usual tools with me that I use for space clearings, but my friend Pixie happened to have a few things I wanted: sage, palo santo and musical instruments like a Tibetan singing bowl and something that sounded like a gong but was much smaller and tube-like.

Pixie agreed to run downstairs and grab the tools out of her car. She said, “I don’t know why I brought this stuff, I keep it in my car but never use it.” “Well, thank goodness you have it!”, I exclaimed. We proceeded to do a clearing in both of the upstairs rooms and bathroom. We should have done the whole house, but I think we were too creeped out to go downstairs, plus the others were sleeping down there. At the end, we sat face-to-face on my bed, and as we ended the sound clearing, she saw a wave or frequency go through the room in between us and out the window. Great, it’s done, we cleared it!, or so we thought. I slept really well, knowing that whoever put that prophylactic under my pillow was simply trying to create a distraction for me. I felt it had no lasting effect on me.

The next morning, I met Carol and Lynne in the kitchen for our morning coffee. When I shared with them what had happened, they were both in shock and disbelief. Carol shared that she had seen a shadow walk through the laundry room and felt some presences in the house the day before. Greeeaaat—I thought to myself—so we’re dealing with a ghost here and a rude one at that. I mean of all of the things to apport, why not give me a feather or a coin? Not a dried-up, dirty condom! So Carol said she’d “check in” and ask Spirit why this had happened.

Shortly after this conversation, I ran upstairs to shower and get ready to go to the conference. In the shower, I got a download that this sounded something like This ain’t no dirty motel, so don’t treat it like one. I gathered that the ghost was annoyed with me because I didn’t make my bed that morning. I was the only one in the house who didn’t make my bed that day, because we were running late. I was sure to make it this day! Once I got ready and headed downstairs, I got a confirmation from Carol that it was an old man who previously owned the house, he was just playing tricks on me. He wasn’t trying to be malevolent, and he wouldn’t do it again. However, he also said that there was a bigger message for me in all of this. Great!, I thought, what is this other message?

Divine Light Quantum Healing Booth

So off we went to the conference for the day. I shared the story with a couple of close friends. They also couldn’t believe it, and suggested that I should consider moving to a hotel room. I didn’t feel like I was in danger and didn’t want to let this thing scare me away, if that’s what it was trying to do. I also felt safe that night after clearing the upstairs, and slept really well. I knew it was meant as a distraction to take me off my path and it felt like the energy of a prankster or a trickster. The night it happened, I had planned to make some bracelets, but the discovery of it of course took all of my attention.

Later that night, I accepted an invitation by my friend Ron who invited me to a gathering at a friend’s house where some of our mutual friends would be. After having dinner and sharing some stories, I went out on the front patio with some people I had just met that day. Somehow the topic of house clearings came up, so I shared that I had just done one the night before at the house we were renting in town. A woman named Laurie spoke up and said, “Oh I heard a little about your story.” Everyone sitting around the circle asked what happened. So I proceeded to tell the story of my wonderful apported gift, and Laurie, who turns out to be a remote viewer and a medium, starts tuning into the house while I’m sharing the story. When I got to the part about the message not to treat the house like a dirty motel, she burst out, “No, that’s not it!”

Here we go, I thought to myself, what now? She proceeds to explain how there’s a portal of fire underneath this house and there are darker, malevolent beings or entities who are coming through this portal and are “working with” the old man. According to her, his soul path was to learn how to be a black magician or trickster, and he never finished his training, so these beings were continuing the training in his afterlife. He was trapped there and had to do what they wanted. So gifting me an old, dirty, (possibly used) condom was like one of his parlor tricks. Yay! At least this confirmed my hunch that it was meant as a trick and a distraction.

Laurie offered to help clear this house with me, so we proceeded to do a remote clearing and decided that this portal had to be closed once and for all. She had never done a group clearing before, but wanted to try it out, so working together and surrounded by a small group of new friends, we got to work.

As we got to the part of sending them to the light and forcing them out, I felt a tug on my solar plexus and crown chakras. The feelings were so intense as we pushed them out, they didn’t want to leave! I let her know what was happening to me and she immediately cut all cords that they had already tried to attach to me. Off to the light they went, and we closed the portal and sealed it. This experience was super intense for me, and even for the others in this small circle. At the end, she shared that the reason I was gifted this item was because of the color of my skin! I was a little too dark for his liking. Racism in the afterlife? Maybe? 

I think that the other message that Carol warned me of earlier that morning was that it had to be me because I was the one who would be in the right place at the right time to work with Laurie in clearing this house. I think it was a cry for help from this poor old man soul who wanted out. He knew that I wouldn’t just brush it off, and that I would have to get to the bottom of this mysterious strange “gift”. In the end, he got released and sent to the light, the portal was closed, and I got to be part of a maLynner house clearing experience. As I’m writing this now, it just occurred to me that I do house clearings as part of my service work, but I didn’t have my tools with me on the trip to clear it on my own. In the end, I know that it needed to happen exactly the way it was done: remotely and in a group setting, with Laurie leading the way. I felt like the little girl following the breadcrumbs in the forest, like in a 48-hour fairytale—every so often I would get a clue. Even though I shared the house with three others, I, at times felt very alone in this experience because it happened to me.

Later that night, when I returned to the house, I felt more unease than the night before, now armed with more information, I have to admit it was a bit unsettling. When I shared with Carol and Lynne what happened in the clearing, they couldn’t believe it. Carol immediately checked in and confirmed everything using her dowsing rods. Everything was confirmed with a “yes” except for the bit about him being a racist. We also found a broken lay line beneath the house in her room, and we repaired it right away. Even with all of this clearing, I can’t say I slept really well that night. My mind was racing as I tried to sleep with all of the things that had happened to me to get to this point in the story.

This event served me in so many ways. I learned that sometimes we are called into service, whether we like it or not, whether we’re ready or not. As light workers we have to be open and ready for the miracles and synchronicities that show up and take notice of them. So many other synchronicities happened over the weekend, but I’ll save those for another day. Stay open, my friends and know that you have a very important role to play in life, even when you keep asking yourself, “Why me?” Follow your breadcrumbs.

Peace & blessings, 


All of the names of people in this story were changed so that they could remain anonymous.