Join Maria Owl for her 20th episode of Wise Women Dialogues

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Panel of Wise Women:

Cheri Arellano
Cheri Arellano is the creator of Divine Light Quantum Healing and Divine Light Essentials. She is an energy healer, Starseed, and the creator of unique healing tools that include essential oil elixirs, and handmade crystal bracelets. She is also the host of The Ascension Sessions—an online show that touches on the topics of spirituality, consciousness and ascension. Please visit her website at to learn more.

Amanda Elo’esh
Amanda Elo’Esh, MA is founder and president of Living Wisdom, and is committed to helping our diverse community
to learn, heal, and grow together in safe and sacred spaces. She helps you to rescue your inner light from trauma and
awaken your supersenses and inalienable sovereignty.

Michelle Melendez
Supports women clear emotional trauma that underlies weight gain and struggles with weight. Freedom Fighter, Hawaii!

Therese Tucker
Therese Tucker is a psychic medium, intuitive artist, author, mentor and creator of Blythe Starlight- a brand dedicated to creating art + accessories with a spiritual connection. Therese is passionate about teaching others to take their intuition from awakened to activated.

Maria Owl
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