During our childhood we have good experiences and bad ones, sometimes even traumatic ones. If you’re one of the lucky ones who had excellent, loving and responsible parents, kudos to you, you’ve probably walked through your adult life having many successes. For the rest of us who did not have this experience or who chose to come into a challenging family to speed up our awakening process, kudos to you too for still being here and facing all of the challenges life has thrown your way.

Whether it’s parental relationships, finding a soul mate, or life path choices, there seems to always be some emotional challenge in our lives. At least I can say that for myself, it’s been a lifetime of healing as an adult from a very challenging and traumatic childhood. As humans we get to play in the realm of emotions all of the time. What emotions do you feel welling up in your beautiful heart and solar plexus? Could it be self-worth, feeling unloved, low self esteem, anger, denial, or maybe even like you’ve given away all of your power to others.

Whatever it is, these emotions can and should be seen as temporary. Know that you have the power to change your emotions, as they are often felt by what we allow ourselves to feel. Whether it’s feeling like a victim, stuck in the past, unlovable, or adhering to our limiting beliefs.

When you tap into the pure essence of your soul, your higher Self or your God Self, there you enter the void, and all of these emotions and limiting beliefs begin to fall away.

Everything is energy! Once you start to understand this common belief, you open the doorway for your own healing.

Do the work with me

Allow me to help you on your emotional healing journey. Some of the healing tools I work with are the Divine 24 Light Rays, Arch Angel energies, crystal frequencies, sacred geometry frequencies, DNA reprogramming and rebalancing, the waterfall of light, the white crystal flame, cloak of divine protection, the violet flame of purification, essential oil frequencies and more!

Cheri Arellano offers energy healing services through high frequency healing modalities, such as the Crystalline Healing Light. Her techniques are innovative and utilize advanced vibrational healing tools that harmonize all aspects of the human being: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. These comprehensive healing systems activate vibrational frequencies to clear and rebalance the energetic bodies, allowing one to go beyond their blocks, ancestral trauma or energetic entanglements moving towards greater health & well-being.

Lift Your Frequency with Energy Healings

Crystalline Holographic DNA Reprogramming

We heal the trauma or limiting beliefs that are passed down from your ancestral lineage, ancestral DNA, childhood, abusive relationships and learned behaviors or patterns that are no longer serving you.
2 hrs.



Frequency Reading & Tune-Up

We'll check your energetic frequencies to see where you're at on certain emotions or issues. By using dowsing and Quantum Psionics combined with the power of the Heart, hundreds of vibrational frequencies can be selected and healed. 1 hr.


Quantum Psionics Energy Healing Session

Our energetic body can have a great affect on our physical body & mental body. Keeping your energy field clear and at a high-frequency is an import part of staying healthy, spiritually, mentally and physically. 2 hrs.


Starseed Origins Reading

Have peace of mind getting closer to the answers on the puzzle that makes you, "you". Have you always wondered what star system your soul originates from? Do you feel like you're not from Earth? Do you have a hard time fitting-in, or just feel different?
60-90 mins.