I am feeling inspired to share with you some of my thoughts this morning. I saw this sentence, “Design your dream life and say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t align with that!”, and it really spoke to me on a deep level. I started thinking about how simple this concept is, and how we could all be living our dream lives. 

I also thought about how many distractions we have in life as we go throughout our day. Social media is a huge one! How many times have you set out to do something on your laptop or phone and then next thing you know you’re on Facebook, or Instagram, or dare I say it, TikTok! And you think to yourself, ‘How did I end up on here?’. Confession, it happens to me all of the time!

Another distraction could be family or friends, putting others’ needs before our own. This is a big one for many of us. If you’re a mom (or dad) and a wife (or husband), like me, you’re always in high demand and sometimes your needs get the back burner. That’s okay! It’s okay to be in service to others, especially those you love and serve, as long as you remember to come back and feed your own heart’s desires. 

Grand Arch at Canyonlands, UT

Grand Arch at Canyonlands, UT

Cut out the fat

This is definitely a non animal-friendly expression, but I will use it for this example. What can you cut out of your life that is not in alignment with the life you want to design for yourself and your family? Perhaps it’s a time-sucking hobby that stopped bringing you joy a long time ago, but you still do it out of guilt or some arbitrary demand you’ve place on yourself. Perhaps it’s a relationship that seems to be more one-sided where you’re giving all of the time and reaching out all of the time, but not feeling it reciprocated.

Perhaps it’s the dead-end job that isn’t bringing you joy and isn’t in alignment with your soul’s purpose, but you do it anyway to pay the bills. Here you’ll feel stuck and out of alignment with your divine soul path. In the back of your mind, you know it’s only temporary and you have plans to quit when the right opportunity comes along. You’ve heard the saying, ‘When one door closes, another one opens’. Sometimes we have to close doors in order to have another door open, sometimes our angels and guides do it for us. What doors can you close today that will place you more in alignment with your dream life?

Perhaps you want to move out of your home, your city, your State, or even your country. There is a massive shift happening on the planet right now and a lot of people are moving homes. Maybe you have a two-year plan or feel stuck for lack of resources or complicated family ties. Whatever the reason, prioritizing this need will greatly serve your alignment with your soul’s path. You feel the calling, you can’t deny it. If you’re a light worker, perhaps Gaia is asking you to anchor your energy on another part of the her light grid. If you’re a healer or a doctor, maybe your skills are needed in a new city or town. Whether you feel the push to get out of your situation, or you feel the pull from another location, please acknowledge them. They are two sides of the same coin. Your soul is trying to tell you something.

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Do your inner child work

I like to say that my awakening happened in reverse order. I was awakened from the macro to the micro. I started learning about the cosmos, the exo-planets and life on other planets. Big ideas outside of me that were as large as the universe and the multiverse. Things like extraterrestrials, UFOs, secret space programs, huge world cover-ups MILAB, and other psy-ops. I am grateful for a lot of this eyeopening information, as it created an awareness in me that wasn’t always there and I met a lot of great people along the way. But focusing on the outer worlds, was a huge distraction from my inner world. More specifically, my inner child. This is where the real work begins.

But wait, there’s more! After delving into the ET world, I dove into my spiritual awaking and learned out to meditate, how to connect to my Higher Self, how to feel my light body, how to feel my telepathic gifts, or my “Claires”. ‘We’re all psychic’ they said, so I wanted to test this for myself. Low and behold it’s true. I learned that as an empath and can feel things are often remain unspoken in another person. I learned how to quickly read the energy signature of others. Who is dark who is light, etc. How to be mindful and to identify angelic messages and directions. These are often called synchronicities; it’s when unexpected events happen in succession. These are signs or signals from your personal guides letting you know you’re either on the right path or the wrong path. I also learned how to do energy work, some call light work, and how to use crystals and essential oils for healing. I learned that I am a Starseed from the Sirius star system.

It was all a beautiful discovery and I enjoyed each step. Even the bad decisions that I made which hurt me on a physical or emotional level. I learned a hard lesson of how to identify a narcissist and what that energy signature looks like, and how it feels to be emotionally abused by one. Luckily, this was a quick lesson and it wasn’t as bad as what some people go through. My guides said I would never have to go through this lesson again, and for that I am grateful.

So coming back to the inner child work, it only took me from 2012 (the beginning of my second awakening) to 2022 to uncover that I really, really needed to reconnect with my inner child. Hey, it’s only 10 years, not to bad, right?!  It’s not like I really wanted to do this, but life had it’s way of kicking my butt, and when I was at the lowest point in my life (health-wise), when I literally almost died, that’s when I woke up and began to heal by doing inner child work. The thing is, I heard this little voice all along, but I ignored it.

Want to hear more? I will write a part two to this stream of consciousness because this is getting really long. So I’ll leave you with these questions…

How can you design your dream life? Have you taken the time out to create a list or a vision board or to even simply day dream? How will you get there? How badly do you want it? How are you addressing your inner child’s needs?

I’m sharing some photos from my travels and journeys over the past two years when we started planning our big move out of California after living there for 25 years. I feel these are relevant because the time I spent with the land at all of these sacred sites, allowed me to go deeper within myself to really figure out where we need to be. The ironic thing is that Phoenix was not even on our list, it was our last resort. And now the home we’ve ended up in feels like a resort. Every day living here feels like we’re on vacation at a tropical/desert resort. Funny how life has a way of serving up some extra bonuses for you when you follow your dreams.

Thanks for reading this mini novel, stay tuned for part two. Namaste and blessings.

In light, Cheri